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Music & Movement

Music & Movement
These beautifully hand crafted musical instrument are perfect for exploring sound and rhythm with a hint of cultural experience! ..
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Beautifully hand crafted kenari on both ends! ..
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Bamboo marimba Bamboo marimba
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This gorgeous musical instrument would be perfect in any setting! Let your child explore different sounds or rhythm while playing this gorgeous piece ..
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Bamboo rainmaker Bamboo rainmaker
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Our bamboo rainmaker is a perfect musical instrument that incorporates culture and history. Let your children explore the beautiful sounds they can create using the rainmaker. ..
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Bamboo xylophone Bamboo xylophone
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The second xylophone in our range, the base is made from bamboo and it has a lovely sound range. Sold in singles...
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Coconut maraca Coconut maraca
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Made from Coconuts, this is another addition to our growing range of natural music instruments.A marvellous range of musical instruments. All made from natural products, such as bamboo, nuts and seed pods. Rhythm, beats and vibrations are created by shaking the instruments. Music is known to have a ..
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Cowbell musical instrument Cowbell musical instrument
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Create unique sounds with the wooden cow bell. Use in music experiences or as a routine aid. Not only are wooden resources a sustainable choice, they enable children to connect with nature and build a respect for its place in our lives. This resource will also encourage children to experiment with m..
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Drum tongue Drum tongue
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A unique and natural percussion instrument. Carved from wood, this idiophone is hollow with small slits in the top, and when struck, produces different pitched sounds. It is believed the tongue drum origins are Africa, Asia and Oceania. A great musical resource for encouraging children to question, ..
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Egg maraca with handle Egg maraca with handle
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A traditional favourite and must have in all education settings. These natural style maracas belong to the group of instruments called percussion instruments.  Players hold them by their handles, usually in pairs, and shake them creating a delicate, softer sound than what is produced by pl..
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This traditional Latin American musical instrument creates a sound like no other. With a simple yet effective design, the guiro is played by striking the stick or beater against the specially carved ridges. When using this instrument, children have the opportunity for aural development including rec..
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Hanging bamboo xylophone Hanging bamboo xylophone
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Beautiful QToys Hanging Bamboo Xylophone, is the perfect toy to keep little hands and minds busy. This toy has been designed to help with hand and eye coordination......
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