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Outdoor play

Outdoor play
This wood crafted toy boat resembles ancient canoes that have been hand carved out of timber. Made from sustainable approved pine timber. It has a simple, yet efficient design that is unsinkable. It is perfect for open-ended outdoor play in a flowing stream or still lake. Timber has been oiled with ..
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Bamboo channels 40 pieces Bamboo channels 40 pieces
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Aesthetic way to set up a water feature or water play for your little one! Watch how your child becomes a builder! ..
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Bamboo digging scoops Bamboo digging scoops
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Bamboo scoops perfect for digging in the sand pit, dirt or even scooping loose parts. ..
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What a fantastic way to incorporate science/ mathematics and their imagination skills! These bamboo measuring kits come in a pack of 6 and helps children learn about quantity and measurements. ..
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“These are just so cute! The mini channels and mini bamboo rings are just gorgeous.” These are the usual responses we get from people who see the Mini Bamboo Roll set. The natural textures of these miniature bamboo pieces are ideal for fine motor and sensory play...
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Bamboo natural cups Bamboo natural cups
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These 100% Coconut Natural Bowls are an inspiring natural eco-friendly resource that are perfect for so many uses. They are great for water play in combination with other Wooden Water Play sets. You can also use these gorgeous natural coconut bowls to display other natural loose parts or goodie..
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Bamboo scoop set of 3, perfect for water and sand play...
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This  Bamboo Scoops set  allows for many open play opportunities and investigations. There are 3 types of unique bamboo scoops in this set ready to go for exciting investigations including:One Bamboo Chunky Scoop,  One Bamboo Mini Shovel , One Bamboo Long Hand..
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Bamboo sorting tray- set of 3 Bamboo sorting tray- set of 3
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Product Dimensions: Large Tray: 40x8x4 cm/ Medium Tray: 30x7x3 cm/ Small Tray: 20x6x2.5 cm..
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Bamboo water mill
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When bamboo and science come together it brings you the bamboo water mill! Perfect for outdoor play, exploring the cause of effect, how a water mill works and so much more. ..
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Our hand made bug keepers are finally ready for preorder! These will be done a lot quicker than our previous bug keepers as they aren’t as fiddly! I will put a more detailed description later on tonight about our bug keepers. Please note these are  © protected- we paid a lot of money ..
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Chrysanthemum Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds
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While gifting flowers is a beautiful gesture, why not give the gift of flower seeds and share the joy that comes with growing your own blooms.Chrysanthemums, also referred to as ‘mums’, are the traditional Mother’s Day flower in Australia. This variety Chrysanthemum paludosum produces whit..
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