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Small world play

Small world play
African pouch
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This ingenious pouch becomes the play mat for the six animals that live inside.Made from hand loomed cotton and can be hand washed in warm water.When finished playing, the pouch can be zipped up with the creatures inside, another skill to learn for little hands...
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These three trees echo the beauty of African nature. They are set on wooden blocks to both make them stand up well on our play mats and to lend them a retro feeling. Hand painted in Melbourne with top quality German dyes. From 20-30cm high...
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These totally gorgeous trees are hand carved for Papoose Toys by our craftsmen in Indonesia.If the wood looks dry after a while, just refresh by wiping on some oil like coconut or olive...
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Australian wildlife and landscape
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This beautiful landscape featuring Australian animals. This special design was created to help raise funds for the Australian Bushfires, $5 from every purchase will be donated to a worthy cause...
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Bamboo balancing set of 100 Bamboo balancing set of 100
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Balancing and encouraging hand eye coordination our Bamboo Balancing set of 100 is the perfect addition to your playroom. Open ended opportunities allowing children to explore and learn through play...
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Bamboo fairy house (set of 3)
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A set of 3 houses crafted using bamboo. Measuring approximately 28cm high...
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Coloured fairies- set of 6 Coloured fairies- set of 6
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Bright coloured fairies come as a set of 6. Perfect for all those small world play areas. ..
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A cute little bedroom set for dolls made from recycled tree branches. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.Dimensions: 27 x 10 x 10 (cm)Weight: 0.5 kg..
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Doll kitchen set Doll kitchen set
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This cute little kitchen set pairs perfectly with dollhouses and our other Doll furniture sets! Featuring a sink, a fridge and a cooktop, this set will encourage young imaginations to thrive. Qtoys products are made from sustainably sourced timber, are handmade with care and are not just great for y..
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Doll playground set Doll playground set
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Hand crafted wooden swing, see-saw and slide. This set is made of recycled branches of rubber trees in a country style. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 8 (cm)Weight: 0.5 kg..
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Doll sofa set
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Hand made sofa set made of cycled branches of rubber trees. fairy tales styles. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxicDimensions: 23 x 21 x 10 (cm)Weight: 0.5 kg..
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This gorgeous doll house is handcradted from recycled branches of Rubber and Acacia timber. It is designed as an DIY item for children, therefore, very easy to be asssembled. No tools required. ..
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