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Learning/ Education

Learning/ Education
Capital letter spelling tiles Capital letter spelling tiles
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Beautiful alphabet trays set for children’s  literacy development. This product is designed for toddlers to have fun with writing and spelling. There are many ways that you can use this product with, from filling it with sand for writing or tracing the letters to prompting words for spelling. T..
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Let your kids get back to basics with our classic Peg Board, a firm favourite within families and schools across the world. Our Peg Boards encourage little hands to explore while grasping, promoting problem solving through independent play. The boards provide an exciting way for children to dis..
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Fun number puzzle with nicely raised numbers making them easy to handle for small children. Will also promote number recognition, making way for early numeracy skills. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber using non-toxic materials...
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Corn learning wheel
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These beautifully designed learning wheels are designed and made in Turkey with Eco Friendly Birch Ply and GOTS Certified Paints. FeaturesEnhance fine motor skills developmentSupports memory and visual perceptionsInteractive learning experienceSpecificationsSize: 15cm DiameterRecommen..
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Counting and math set Counting and math set
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An educational staple, this counting set supplied with small wooden balls is a terrific tool for children to learn simple mathematics. All Qtoys are made with ethically sourced materials under a fair trade scheme...
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Creepy Crawley puzzles Creepy Crawley puzzles
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 Creepy crawly- a collection of Australian animals from deserts, rivers, rainforests and bushland.  They include a green tree frog, yabby, blue tongue lizard, brown snake, centipede, barking gecko, scorpion, redback spider and long neck turtle...
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Our Daily Routine Circle was designed to encourage children to have independence and boost self esteem with this visual interchangeable board. Children thrive off knowing whats happening next and can be just a great tool to help children understand their routine and focus. Includes: Daily Routine Ci..
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Dino dig kit
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Have a dinosaur crazy child in your home? Bring out their inner archeologist with our dinosaur dig kit.Kit includes. 17 MDF dinosaur themed pieces. Small brushBag of sand.Suitable for children 3+ Please note colour and grain of wood may differ to that shown. This is to be ex..
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Children will be engaging their fine motor muscles and dexterity to complete this puzzle. Exiting hatching eggs with dinosaurs relived underneath...
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16 pieces (14 cards, 1 brush, 1 slimline stand) in cardboard boxApprox. 14 x 8 cm CardsStand 22 x 2.5 cm3yrs +This listing is for 5 sets.Create some fossil fun with our New Revamped Dinosaur Digs card set!  There are 14 timber cards in the set featuring the skeleton of a dinosaur, with mos..
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Dinosaur egg puzzle Dinosaur egg puzzle
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Who is hiding inside these big eggs? 6 adorable baby dinosaurs. Take good care to put them back in the corresponding egg and close the eggshell. Dexterity, precision, and good thinking..
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We’re all about reduce, reuse and recycle here so we’re making the most of our offcuts!  The dinosaur shapes left over from our Dinosaur Fossil Stamps have been repurposed into this fun matching game!  Also perfect for craft activities like crayon rubbings, these timber tiles featuring the..
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