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Learning/ Education

Learning/ Education
Our sweet lady beetle counting puzzle will be a hit with all little bug lovers!  This is a great starter puzzle for kids as the dots on the lady beetles wings are the constant, which makes it easier for them to count and then match to the correct number.  The revamped puzzle still features..
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2 tone number set of 20 2 tone number set of 20
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Wooden 2 Tone Number set including 20 numbers to enhance math skills...
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24 piece Double Sided Matching GameBoard approx. 25 x 30 cm & tiles approx. 6.5 cm square 3yrs +Each side of the board features 12 brightly coloured Australian themed images.  The object of the game is to find the matching image from the individual tiles and place on the board.  T..
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3D sorting and nesting board
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Inspired from Montessori, this sorting, nesting and stacking board is an all in one learning toys for toddlers. The toy features beautiful bright colors and a sturdy good size box for little hands. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials. Item size: 27..
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Take on the extra challenge of a round puzzle! Featuring a collage of mushrooms and butterflies in a whimsical garden, doing this puzzle with your closest friends can turn anyone into a fun-gi or gal!Made from 90% recycled greyboard and coloured using vegetable-based dyes, it contains 500 pieces.Mea..
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A-Z Australian tiles A-Z Australian tiles
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Australian Themed A to Z Tiles26 pieces - approx. 8 x 8 cm each ($2.20/unit)3yrs +This set of 26 brightly coloured tiles feature printed images of Australian themed objects, including their name in NSW Foundation font.  This is one half of the Australian A to Z Matching Puzz..
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Our Africa Counting Puzzle includes 10 x 3 piece puzzles packaged in a beautiful box. The puzzle pieces themselves are made of recycled materials and are premium quality for durability and longevity.This earth-friendly puzzle will help your child identify numbers and recognise the number w..
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Get your hands on this amazing, modern take on the classic memory game! The beautiful Africa themed art work is exclusive to Modern Monty by Brisbane watercolour artist; Amanda Borchers. Amanda's art captures the spirit of the wild, with natural, life-like colours and gorgeous Scandi simplicity..
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A reimagined version of the classic card games Snap & Go Fish packaged together in the most luxurious, magnetic-close box. This beautiful set is ethically made and eco-friendly.All original watercolour art by Australian artist Amanda Borchers features the beautiful and iconic animals from Africa..
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African pouch
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This ingenious pouch becomes the play mat for the six animals that live inside.Made from hand loomed cotton and can be hand washed in warm water.When finished playing, the pouch can be zipped up with the creatures inside, another skill to learn for little hands...
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Alphabet threading set Alphabet threading set
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A set of 26 double sided alphabet wooden threading, perfect for hand eye coordination while learning letter recognition...
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This stunning bee anatomy is printed on fine bamboo wood to give it that sleek look. The anatomy contains the insect in a watercolour finish and names each part of the insects body. The anatomy’s go perfect with the bug keepers we have for sale! Measures- 20cm x 15cm (Please note timb..
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